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CUT001-4: Horse riding Festival in the East of Tibet



In the east boarder of Tibet is the plateau of about 4000meter . In this land the grass land waved endlessly with snow peaks as guard , and the lakes scatter in the grassland as mirrors , under the clean blue sky , the yaks enjoy their grazing happily . And the Tibetan people have been living in this land for thousands of years , they cultivate , graze and they devote their love to the mysterious Tibetan Buddhism . The Monastery , stupas , scripture flags will show us their glorious culture . The most attractive will be the annual Litang Horse Race , which is well known in world wide for its full of excitement and the exhibition of Tibetan Culture .


Horse riding Festival in the East of Tibet
Our travel will take the travelers to explore both the ancient Chinese civilization in the ancient capital and metropolis and the vast Tibetan plateau . You will be amazed by the discover , the friendship.


Day1: Fly to Beijing

Arrive in Beijing. Visit the Tian’anmen Square and the Forbidden City.


Day2: Trek on the Great Wall

Drive 3 hours to Jinshanling Great Wall. Trekking to the Simatai Great Wall to enjoy the long history of the rise and fall of the Great Wall during four hours’ trek. Drive back to Beijing.


Day3: Fly to Lanzhou

Fly to Lanzhou, the capital city of Gansu province, in former time an important station on the Silk Road. Visit the Gansu Museum.


Day4: Visit Bingling Cave

Drive to visit Binglingsi Cave, “Bingling” means “thousand Buddhas” in the Tibetan language.


Day5: Drive to Labrang

Drive 280km to Labrang, overnight in Labrang.


Day6: Visit in Labrang

Visit the famous Labrang Monastery in the Xiahe city in the morning. The Monasteryis one of the six great monasteries of the Gelukpa (Yellow Hat) Sect. It was founded in 1709, and then some free activities in the afternoon.


Day7: Drive to Xining

Drive 380km, enjoying beautiful landscape on the way to Xining, the capital of Qinghai province.


Day8: Visit Kumbum Monastery

Visit the Kumbum Monastery, located southeast of Xining, is one of the six great monasteries of the Gelukpa, the Yellow Hat School of Tibetan Buddhism. And trek for 2-3 hours aroud this monastery.


Day9: Drive to Madoi

Drive 350km through the grassland to Madoi (4300), a Tibetan dominated county in Qinghai province. In local Tibetan language, Madoi means headwater of the Yellow River. Overnight in guesthouse.


Day10: Drive to Yushu

Drive 360km, through the Bayankala Pass (5267m) to Yushu (2700m), 90% of the population here is Tibetans.


Day11-12: Take part in the Horse Racing Festival

Take part in the Horse Racing Festival. Tibetan people rave their horses and yaks and dance on the grassland in their colorful and beautiful traditional costumes (generally on July 25-31 in lunar calendar). Overnight in guesthouse.


Day13: Drive to Shiqu

Drive 140m to Shiqu in Sichuan province. Shiqu, the name of Zhaxikawa in Tibetan, means the source of Yalongjiang river. Overnight in guesthouse.


Day14: Drive to Dege

Drive 320km through the grassland to Dege. Dege mean in Tibetan as “Land of benevolence”, is derived from ten benevolences of the 4 orders of Tibetan Buddhism. Overnight in guesthouse.


Day15: Visit Dege Printing Horse

Visit the famous Dege Printing House of Buddhist Scripts. Dege Printing House of Buddhist Scripts is the largest printing house in the Tibetan language area, founded in 1436-1449. there used to live 700 monks in its high times.


Day16: Visit Ganzi Monastery

Ganzi Monastery was founded in 1662. At present, there are 700 monks in the monastery. Afternoon we drive 160km to Daofu. Overnight in guesthouse.


Day17: Drive to Kangding

Drive 220km to Kangding, the county seat has a largest Chinese population, the countryside is very traditional and very Tibetan. Overnight in hotel.


Day18: Drive to Chengdu

Drive 350km to Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, is China’s impotant industrial base.


Day19: Fly to Beijing – departure

Check out of hotel, transfer to airport to catch flight to home.


Travel Time: Please ask us !


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